Transportation in 2: New CEO's First Bus Trip To Work

OCTA's new CEO, Will Kempton, took his first trip to work via an OCTA bus. From the Katella Avenue near the Disney resort area in Anaheim, the former Caltrans chief walked two blocks to a bus stop. He waited for a few minutes and then jumped aboard bus route No. 83 for the nearly 4-mile trip to OCTA headquarters in the city of Orange.

While on the bus, he barely had time to browse a map and talk to Gilbert Patterson, a veteran coach operator, about his plans to protect transit, because the entire trip took only seven minutes.

1 comment:

  1. Wow,that's one quick ride. Could you ask the driver to slow the bus down so Mr. Kempton has time to read the OC Register on his way to work?

    Cheers to Will Kempton for taking the bus!

    Good CEO choice - OCTA picked a winner